Saturday, June 24, 2006

the mer-mateys!

One-Eyed Stephen and Two-Eyed Milo

Stephanie Fishnets and Drag Tail Lindsay-Abaire.

Chloe Bones, Missing-School Moie and Inky Three Thumbs perched upon what passes for a rock on our urban shoreline.

Arrrrrrghhhhh, you cut my throat, matey, then I'll cut yourn!

Stephanie Fishnets and Corncob John

Obedient Izzy's parents, Joyce and Fred, secret themselves 'neath the black hearted child's official crew umbrella, knowing that soon it's walking the plank they'll be!

"Arrggh," says I to One-Eyed Stephen T-Shirt, "A Nancy Hot Pants sandwich twill go nicely with our margaritas."

the mer-mateys!
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Blogger Surly Ride said...

Holy Ayuna-Boobage Batman! :o

(EVI has its own section in my bathroom library!)

9:55 PM  

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