Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thank you and spank you!

I honestly thought that I was going to be the only person to show up at Bluestockings bearing baked goods for last night's Dirty Sugar Cookie Swap. I thought I was going to look like the biggest jackass on the planet. Instead, I'm just going to have the biggest ass on the planet because who could resist this spread!?

Here we go, five minutes before the starting gun sounded.Lots of cookies, a pumpkin pie, some Cool Whip and some Diva Menstrual Cups in the background...

Anna Lappé tested our eating IQ with a test that proved both sobering and hilarious. And she didn't even have to beg too hard for audience partipation before attendee Nina bravely took the bait!

Goddamn! I just realized that Anna's mother wrote Diet for a Small Planet! She didn't brag about it or nothing! And she was unduly critical of her scones, which were delicious and still warm from the oven! Dang! She doesn't know what nasty is! (Hint: try the bluefish with apples and potatoes I served last Tuesday night, which caused my friend, Delta, to remark, "Well, Ayun, not one of your best...")

Look at that bounty!!! Look, that's Rachel Kramer Bussel in the cupcake pink sweater! Shoot, from now on, I don't do a reading unless everyone gets cookies!!! Don't believe me? See you at Vox Pop on the 16th! I'm hoping Anna and her quiz will be able to join us too, and a very special, but as-yet-unnamed musical guest has just intimated that he will be lending his stylings to the festivities too. Hot damn.

I'm too stuffed to think about recipes, so I will direct you to A Good American Wife who laid some hot Chocolate Toffee action on us last night that nearly blew my mind! oh HELL yeah!


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